Sunny Saturday

8 March 2014

Oh, today really couldn't come soon enough! I've had a headache for the last 3 days in a row and it was only the thought of Saturday that got me through the end of the week.

Thank goodness for lazy Saturday mornings to make everything feel better! The sun was streaming in through the blinds and, with a new jar of blackberry and apple jam sitting in the fridge, we decided to make some small pancakes accompanied by jam and crème fraiche. I say 'we'...I sat at the kitchen table and painted my nails in a beautiful shade of lilac ('lilacism' by Essie if you're wondering) that I've been saving for the first properly sunny weekend of the year, and my lovely mister made a delicious brunch for us both. Bliss!

We then jumped on the train and headed over to the Science Museum to see the 'Only in England' photography exhibition, which is a show devoted to the work of Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr. Tony Ray-Jones (who sadly died at the far too young age of 30) spent the 1950s and 1960s travelling around England documenting English culture and what he saw as a disappearing way of life. His work was a great inspiration to Martin Parr, who selected a variety of the images on display from a selection of negatives stored in the National Media Museum's archives. The exhibition also includes Martin Parr's 1960s and 1970s' series, 'The Non-Conformists'.
Glyndebourne, 1967 - Tony Ray-Jones

Beautifully composed and observed, often humorous, with intricate little details woven throughout the photographs, the work of both Ray-Jones and Parr shows an England quite different to today but, at the same time, it also appears familiar. £8 is a small price to pay for a truly wonderful exhibition and it closes on 16th March, so do head over to the Science Museum before then if you get the chance.

While in South Kensington, it's very important to make a trip to the Hummingbird Bakery for tea and cake, and for the first time in too long (and surprisingly on a sunny day) there was a free table outside where we could sit and enjoy our cakes in un-rushed peace. We then walked through Kensington Gardens, discussing future plans and potential holiday options, and whiled away a lovely hour or so walking as far as St James' Park. Such a beautiful day!

And Sunny Saturday is due to be followed by an even Sunnier Sunday - long may this weather last! I am a huge fan of cosy scarves and hot drinks, but I'm truly looking forward to being able to wait for my train without having to huddle up in my coat and gloves in the morning.

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  1. It was a fantastic exhibition. Loved Parr's curation of Ray-Jones' work.


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