Things I Love Thursday (11.09.2014)

11 September 2014

It's been a wee while since the last one of these and it would be a shame to let some of the links I've been bookmarking over the last few months go unread. This week's (and slightly further back's) highlights are...

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I'm always excited when the Great British Bake Off returns to our screens and this series is no exception. I curl up with a pot off tea and something sweet to nibble, and enjoy all the mouthwatering treats on display over the course of the hour. I'm still keen to have some pie after last week's episode and this week's European cakes were incredible. (Also, how can I get involved in a Danish cake table party?!)  This series has even had its share of drama and scandal, but if there's one thing I took home after that episode, it was never to try to make a Baked Alaska...far too complicated.

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Crisper mornings... I've been noticing some frost on the fields in the morning this week as my train speeds through them on the way to work. I'm very excited at the thought of autumn...and the scarves, hats and hot drinks it brings! I may need reminding of this when I'm shivering on a train platform in the dark waiting for my train in the morning though, come November.

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Oh stationery. Look at the treats that my friend M sent me this week! Time to start sourcing a special planner for the new year to put some of the items to good use...

Here are some links that I've enjoyed and bookmarked over the last few weeks (months?!) that are well worth a read. Grab a cup of tea and take your pick:

♥ Have you visited the new Foyles yet?

♥ Granted, I bookmarked this post at the beginning of summer but books aren't just for the beach, you know. I've read The Secret Keeper but I'm planning to tick off some of the others in this post at some point - Ten Historical Fiction Beach Reads.

♥ As I begin to think about my own hen party next year, I bookmarked this post on Hen Party Goodie Bags and thought it was a really lovely idea.

♥ Secrets to Staying Organised.

♥ I've always been intrigued by the various uses for different oils and this handy guide to essential oils provides a great overview. 

♥ I adored this post on Sunny Sweet Pea about rediscovering places that have almost been lost to the wilds of nature. It made me want to grab my wellies and go for a long walk somewhere well off the beaten track, and Winterton on Sea is now firmly on my must-visit list.

♥ Finally, how amazingly shamelessly good do these peanut butter and jam sandwich cookies look?! Definitely something to see you throughThursday and all the way into the weekend in the best of spirits.

What's been keeping you cheerful on this fine Thursday?

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