Three Day Weekend ♥

4 May 2015

Oh my goodness, this three day weekend really couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I changed departments at work on Friday so the few weeks prior to that had been a whirl of trying to get as much as possible finished before drafting memos and handover notes, and then Friday itself meant starting from scratch again. It was a bit of a shock to the system. I left work on Friday evening with the thought of three free days stretching ahead, blissfully empty, and the knowledge that the mister was making homemade burgers for dinner - happy times.

Most of our weekends from now until the wedding are pretty busy and with the last few weeks being quite hectic for both of us, we decided to have a relaxed well as spending some time working on the designs for our invitations and website.

Sunday strolls with this handsome chap.
I woke up on Saturday morning with my usual migraine (sigh) but I didn't mind just taking painkillers and relaxing, safe in the knowledge that I wasn't losing a lot of valuable weekend time. This did the trick and was followed by a lazy breakfast with the papers, before the mister headed to the gym and I cleaned the flat - I do like to start the weekend with a tidy home. We then decided to go into town, wandered around Soho for a while and booked tickets to watch 'The Falling' - set in an English school in 1969, where a fainting epidemic breaks out amongst the students after a tragedy hits. A beautiful, disturbing, well-acted melodrama - I'm still thinking about and digesting it a few days later. Definitely worth watching.

On Sunday morning, I pulled on my wellies and went out for a long walk with my aunt and her gorgeous 10 month old puppy. One day I want to have a pup of my own (black velvet pug please, and yes I already know what he'll be called) but until then I live vicariously through pictures of friends' pups and walks with the very handsome, very naughty Tio. He's such a sociable chap though that I'm able to make friends with lots of other hounds too, including (this weekend's highlight!) a pair of snorting French bulldogs.

London, you're beautiful in the sunshine.
The mister and I went for another walk today, along the river in the sunshine. It seems like a
completely different day as I type this looking out at the rain, but it was so warm this afternoon. We strolled along the river front, looking at some ducks having a snooze on a sunny ledge and little boats zooming along the Thames, before popping in to a pub beer garden to sip cool drinks in the shade. We talked wedding and honeymoon plans, which have really come along over the last few months. Over countless pots of tea this weekend, our invites, RSVPs and the wedding website have started to take shape too. It's all starting to feel more and more, excitingly real and I think it will be even more real when the invites go out. In just over four months time, I'm going to be a Mrs! Jeepers.

On that note, I think it's time for another cup of tea. Well played, long weekend. Same again next week?

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