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10 February 2016

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I may have done something stupid.

I've decided to give up chocolate *gulp* AND crisps for Lent. 

I'm not a hugely religious person but I always usually try to give something up for this period, or do something special. There was a year or so after I was first diagnosed coeliac and felt like being forced to give up gluten was enough. That was before the gluten free options were so good though...now I definitely don't feel like I'm missing out on anything (apart from maybe fish and chips without planning waaay in advance because fish and chip shops that do gf nights usually do them during the week, when I crave them particularly on a Friday night... But I digress.)

Chocolate is my vice. I adore it. It's got to the point where I can happily munch through one of those large snack bags over the course of one evening, which as I only have about 2 hours by the time I get home from work and before I drag myself to bed, that's not a long time. And I'm always so hungry by the time I get home from work that I fall on crisps like a piranha. These are definitely not going to be easy things to give up over the next six weeks.

Perhaps I'm hoping that I'll be able to recondition myself into eating slightly more healthily? Hopefully it won't mean that I just line up larger quantities of cake and biscuits. That would not be good.

Are you giving anything up for Lent? Please tell me there's someone else doing this too - we could 'spot' each other, like at the gym. Is that even the right term?! I never go. I should have given up the gym, that would have been much easier.

* Looking at the calendar, Lent is actually 46 days...if the six Sundays are included. They're not usually because you don't have to fast on a holy day but that seems slightly like cheating. Well, we'll see how desperate I get for something chocolatey and delicious, or some kettle chips, or nachos. Wait, do nachos count as crisps?! Oh gosh, what have I done?!


  1. When I started training, I decided to give up potato chips. Potato products not in chip form or chips made from stuff other than potatoes like corn chips are okay. It seems silly, but it cut down my choices so much, that at my tired state at the end of the day, I can't be bothered to choose something and go home with no snacks.

    I also gave up fizzy drinks for the most part. Hollywood action movies deserve coke and popcorn and carbonated beverages need to be an option when I'm out for drinks.

    It's kind of a pain at first, but it becomes normal.

    Good luck on your non-chocolate journey!

    1. Thanks Mels, I really am hoping that it'll be 6 weeks that'll set me on the path to making better choices, or at least treating myself a little more rarely!


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