Wonderful Wednesday 15

3 August 2016

Oh I'm having flashbacks of how wonderful last Monday was, when I started writing last week's little weekly catch-up with a second cup of tea on the go and the sun streaming through the windows on a glorious day off from work. It's Monday again as I type this intro and once again, I'm not at work but I'm curled up in bed, which is where I've been for most of the last four days when I haven't been bolting to the bathroom to throw up. Gastroenteritis, you are no one's friend! Seriously, I love my food so much and I just haven't felt like eating more than a few crackers and the occasional slice of toast and tea in the last few days - nothing is making my tum happy right now. WOE!

So this week's Wonderful Wednesday will be a little shorter and instead I'll be looking forward to vicariously living through everyone else's wonderful snippets - do stop by and let me know what's made your week extra special!

♥ NHS111... Not that I ever have spoken a word against our NHS but it's even more important nowadays to keep it protected and spoken-for because it is VITAL. Honestly, when I was curled up into a little ball of misery on Friday night having thrown up in 40 minute intervals for most of the day, they were so helpful and reassuring...and the thought that they were available at any time day or night throughout the weekend made me feel so much better.

♥ That mister of mine... Although mentions of him are regularly sprinkled through these pages, he has the honour of his own little paragraph this week because he's been splendid. From holding back my hair and ferrying glasses of water during the middle of the night to actually working from home on Friday itself because he didn't want to leave me on my own curled up with a bucket, my mister has been an absolute rock this week. I always knew he was but it's times like this, when you're crying your eyes out at 3am because you're in so much pain and there's someone right there with you trying to make you feel better and just being there because things always seem so much worse at night, that you know that you made the right choice. Thank you B.

♥ New Harry Potter book... I have it in my paws, a new Harry Potter story after so long! I haven't been able to get tickets to see the stage play (sob!) but am very excited to get into this. I haven't been able to concentrate much over the last few days but am hoping that this bug will be well and truly out of my system by the weekend giving me the chance to really dive in.

♥ Holiday planning... With everything else that's been going on, this has slightly crept up on us but we're off to Ireland towards the end of next week for a family wedding and an additional few days for a proper little holiday. I can't wait! I've started writing little lists of things that I'd like to see while we're there as well as the usual lists of things to do before we go and things to pack. A lovely excuse for a few more lists!

That's it from me this week, I'm afraid, my concentration is really not back yet... Hope you've had a wonderful week so far - stay healthy!

♥ Do let me know what's made your week a little rosier by leaving me a comment below (I do love comments!) or dropping me a tweet (I'm @happygoluckycat) or better yet, why not join the fabulous bunch of #WonderfulWednesday bloggers? Pop over to their blogs for a dose of mid-week happiness - SallyMichelleHelenKateJoEmma, and the lovely Samantha, who jumped on this merry bandwagon only last week - and then join me in counting down the days until the weekend. It's in sight! 


  1. Ahh! I hope you start feeling better soon! Touch wood, I've never had food poisoning... and I hope never too. It's a bit of a family trail to have mouths and stomachs of tin and never be bothered by super hot drinks or questionable food haha!

    Sounds like you've got yourself a keeper there! I find, the best people are those that will hold your hair back and put up with the smell of another person's vomit. I know my OH would and has done the same for me :)

    A trip to Ireland sounds lovely! I went to Dublin last year and really enjoyed it, I definitely want to see more of the Emerald Isle!

    ~ K


    1. Ooh you lucky thing you! I hope you never ever get it, it's horrid!

      Thank you so much for commenting - popping over to have a look at your blog now, I love discovering new ones! x

  2. Oh CAT! I'm so so sorry to hear you've not been very well at all! That sounds throughly miserable! I do hope that you're starting to feel a little bit better now in time for a lovely break away from it all - it sounds like you need it more than ever!

    Sending love to you lady, thank you for joining in anyway!xxx

    1. Thank you, lovely Sally - on the mend now, at LAST! Lots of love xx

  3. I totes missed last week. Are you feeling better? How's Harry Potter? I know you've sorted the holiday so that's awesome!

    God bless the NHS, they're ruddy fabulous
    M x

  4. Oh no, sending you lots of get well vibes! It's never nice when you're feeling unwell, especially when you can't eat too so I feel for you. I must try and get a copy of the new HP book as everyone's been talking about it and avoiding spoilers should be an olympic sport! How are you finding it so far? It's good you've got a holiday to look forward to as well, where are you going? Enjoy your time / hope you enjoyed your time! - Tasha


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