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24 June 2018

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So, I sat down with my laptop on Tuesday night to type up a Wonderful Wednesday post for the next day and...didn't get any further than the first few lines. 

I did, however, watch a TV show with my husband, catch up on Instagram and Twitter, browse birthday gift ideas for my mum and research some places to visit during our holiday next month. But if you asked me anything specific about what I was looking at or even what happened in the particular episode we were watching, I doubt I'd be able to tell you. 

I know that so many of us are guilty of doing too much, trying to cram too many things into every free moment we have and becoming distracted, particularly by social media (Instagram is a huge vice for me!) I've read so many posts about the quest to spend less time on our phones, which are a real distraction now and especially when you should be doing something else or even just devoting your time to one specific task. When did these little devices become so all-consuming? It's got to the point where I struggle to even sit down and focus on one thing without my brain constantly running through a to-do list of other things I should be doing at that very moment. So instead of just focusing on one task, I'm trying to achieve that and 8 others but getting very little done instead - so nothing is actually getting crossed off the list and the cycle repeats itself. I feel like my brain has too many tabs open and, just like they would on a computer, they're slowing everything down!

How to resolve this? As of right now, I really don't know. I suppose, like anything, it will take work and focus, which is an appropriate word for the task at hand - focusing on one thing at a time. And, as I do in the office when  I write my to do lists, I need to look at things in terms of the order of importance and just cross them off, one at a time. And, perhaps most importantly of all, recognise that when I'm doing something relaxing like reading a book, watching TV with my husband or sitting down to collect the happy highlights of the previous week, that those things are good and necessary too, so I shouldn't have to try to cross off other must-dos at the same time. Just being a little more mindful in my actions.

Are you guilty of the 'too many tabs' mentality too?!


  1. I am so very guilty of this Cat!! The pull of social media, and alllll platforms is huge. I find my patience is gone, if something is taking too long to load on my laptop, I'll be on my phone in seconds refreshing a platform whilst I wait!
    Sending lots of love your way, be kind to yourself, after all we're only human.
    Peta xx

  2. I can 100% relate to this. I always feel like I have FAR too many tabs open and my brain won't ever stay silent. However, my biggest guilt trip for me is I don't actually spend ENOUGH time on social media - I mindlessly scroll sometimes but I don't actively post anything and engage enough in the community, which doesn't bode well for a blogger.

    I work through it by knowing what times I'm most 'productive' I SUCK in the afternoons and evenings, so I plan on my 'lesiure' time around then. Mornings and just before bed I am at peak so I will do everything then. It is tough though! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

  3. I am totally guilty of this! I definitely need to slow myself down and single task a lot more and let myself shut a few of those tabs! x


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