Things I Love Thursday (David Bowie edit)

14 January 2016

I'm not a prophet
or a stone age man
Just a mortal
with the potential of a superman
I'm living on...
'Quicksand' - David Bowie (1947-2016)

I didn't discover the music of David Bowie at an early age, rather I was introduced to him (along with several other greats) by my now husband soon after we got together. It didn't take more than a song or two - beautifully evocative lyrics, song writing genius...I was hooked. I don't have the depth of knowledge to comment in detail about Bowie's loss, or how his most recent album was his greatest work of art to-date, almost stage managing his own exit from this life, rather I just wanted to share some of my own (often rambling!) thoughts. 

I remember a moment a year or so ago when one of my young cousins put up a picture of a Bowie album he loved on Instagram, engaging my mister in some lively debate on the subject, and I realised that Bowie's music was not just for my and my parents' generations - it continued to enthral, to attract legions of young fans. This view was only cemented further when I attended the V&A's magnificent Bowie exhibition - where fans (new and old) flocked to see his story told through his music, art and costumes. Tickets sold out quickly and for good reason, it was an immersive masterpiece of an exhibition.

When we were choosing the songs for our wedding playlist, we knew that we wanted 'Let's Dance' to follow our first dance song, to get everyone up on the dance floor for a good boogie. And it really did, our guests young and old rushed onto the floor and threw themselves into the music. The dance floor was full all night and I think that it was the little drop of Bowie magic (or stardust, if you will) that made that happen.

The news that Bowie had died really shocked me. Like some of my friends have said since, I almost thought that he would live forever - the ethereal, alien, goblin prince. I suppose not knowing how ill he was contributed to that, there was no chance to prepare yourself for a world without him. 

But his music and his art will never die, and loved as it is by people of all generations I have no doubt that it will continue to be loved by, to inspire and to give hope to generations to come. 

I wasn't sure whether to write this post but I knew I wanted to record something somewhere, to make a note of how Bowie's death has made me feel this week. In the Things I Love Thursday spirit, I've also collected below some of the links I've enjoyed or bookmarked this week, with a Bowie focus. 

♥ Alexis Petridis' beautiful tribute to David Bowie in the Guardian here.

♥ This song, because it will always remind me of our wedding...and will put the smile back on your face after the previous link.

♥ Bonus Daily Cartoon in the New Yorker on Monday 11 January 2016.

♥ Where Would We Be Without David Bowie?

♥ This link might only work in the UK but Rick Wakeman performed a beautiful tribute to of my favourite Bowie songs, absolutely gorgeous. Same song here but a tribute from an organist in Glasgow. Both brought tears to my eyes - must watches!

♥ Fancy finding out what David Bowie was doing at your age and feeling really inadequate?! Just follow this link. Apparently at the glorious age of 33, Bowie did a three month run on Broadway in 'The Elephant Man'.

♥ Sali Hughes' fitting response to the grief police who have been patrolling social media since the news broke.

♥ And finally, this image...the last professional image taken - look at that smile.


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