Things I Love Thursday (07.01.2016)

7 January 2016

Photo found on Pinterest here, which linked to here.
It's been a tough week so far, which made this post difficult but necessary! Back to work on Monday - it was like i'd never been away - and then off on Tuesday and Wednesday for my Granddad's funeral. He died on the weekend before Christmas, which was difficult, but it was peaceful and he was surrounded by family, which doesn't seem like a bad way to go. I'm holding onto that thought anyway.

One more day to go - the glorious weekend is in sight! I'm looking forward to sleeping, catching up with some friends - we're off to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition - and raising a glass or two to people who are no longer with us.

So without further ado, here are some things that i've enjoyed, bookmarked, pined for and laughed at over the last week...

Buy it here, by Huebucket

I adore this Pugtoro print! Anyone who knows me in real life is far too aware of my all-encompassing love for pugs and the artist's page contains links to all sorts of fabulous pug-related goodies which i've exclaimed over this this, this, or THIS!

Grey's Anatomy marathons. I'm nearing the end of season two now and it's so so good - heartwarming, funny and so tragic in places. In other TV news, the first episode of War and Peace was really excellent, loved it!

Love Emma Bridgewater - my porcelain chicken will one day take pride of place on my future dresser of dreams - and i've been hiding my purse near the sale that's currently on (particularly the Christmassy items). If I haaad to choose, I would go with these mugs, or this (oh the Christmassy baking possibilities)...ooh or this. Owls are good all year round!

I'm on the hunt for some healthy meals (and bread-replacing lunches) to replace our usual evening staples. I've bookmarked some tasty-looking options on the BBC goodfood website and ordered a LOT of vegetables for our weekly shop, and am excited to try this Moroccan vegetable stew and this sweet potato dhal with curried vegetables. Should lead to tasty leftovers too...any mealtime favourites gratefully received :)

Make a cup of tea and read this fascinating article about how women dealt with their periods throughout history.

And finally, our wonderful wedding photographer Kat (who we wholeheartedly recommend for anyone planning a wedding...) posted her round-up of the weddings she shot throughout 2015 - link here. A thoroughly beautiful collection of images - we feel really proud to be featured amongst some seriously stunning weddings.

Enjoy the rest of your week, folks! What have you been reading, watching, enjoying over the course of the last week?


  1. Oh, so sorry to hear about the loss of your grandfather. These things are never easy, but it does sound like a peaceful way to depart.

    Like you, I'm returning to healthy eating -- and trying to find new recipes to try out for our busy weeknight dinners! I'm all about the slow cooker, so I'm focusing on that, but will hopefully find some meals we can toss together quickly, too!

    1. Thanks Meg, that's kind of you.

      We received a slow cooker as a wedding gift, which I really want to experiment with but our flat's so small that it's still boxed up and packed away...for now! The thyme pork roast you cooked this week looked delicious - looking forward to seeing what you're planning next :)


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