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30 March 2016

This would be wonderful any day of the week...
Oh my goodness, I'm very excited about this! I stumbled across the glorious world of Wonderful Wednesday on Michelle's hilarious blog and her weekly snippets of good cheer never fail to put a smile on my face to help me through the remainder of the week. The whole idea was actually the brainchild of the lovely Sally and I've decided to jump on this merry little bandwagon too. I thought it would be an excellent idea to push myself to look for the excellent moments in a week (I know some weeks will be easier than others in that regard) and it'll keep me posting, at least on a weekly basis as the next few weeks are going to be a haze of packing, unpacking and dust. Gah.

So without further ado, onto the joy! Hooray! These are a few of the things that have brightened my week...

♥ Long Weekends... I do wish that long weekends were just that little bit more frequent but then I suppose I wouldn't treasure them so much when they do occur... Last weekend was a wonderful mix of rest, fresh country air, delicious food and time to just catch up on some Internetty things. I went to a fantastic gluten free café (did you happen to catch this post?), went on a glorious walk where I made friends with a horse before getting caught in a hailstorm, ate the last 6 weeks of chocolate in one afternoon (I jest... *looks shifty*) and really enjoyed just having nothing pressing to do. It was bliss.

And what else do long weekends mean? Shorter weeks!

♥ Crisps... I really thought I'd be more excited about being able to eat chocolate again by the time Easter Sunday rolled around but it was actually crisps that I was keener to grab. I'm so happy to welcome M&S nachos back into my life again...hello my friends, how I have missed you.

♥ Freckles... Probably an odd choice but bear with me. I used to loathe my freckles when I was small and consulted all the old wives tales around to try to find a way to get rid of them - lemon juice all over them? Nope, didn't work. But I've grown to love them and after an afternoon in the garden on Friday supervising the mister as he chopped at the top of a hedge, my nose and cheeks are now sprinkled with freckles. I adore them. It's beginning to feel like summer (or at the very least, proper spring) is on its way!

♥ The Waiting Room... I've been loving listening to the new Tindersticks album...it's been the soundtrack to my journeys to and from work most days over the last week. Beautifully evocative lyrics interacting gorgeously with delicious musical arrangements...all held together by Stuart Staples' incredible voice. Tindersticks albums are just made for curling up next to the record player and listening to on repeat as the evening turns into night and night turns into morning. Glorious, another fabulous album by this wonderful group. 

♥ Light Evenings... I was not happy to lose an hour when the clocks went forward this weekend (although having the Monday off to acclimatise really helped) but it made such a difference to get all the way home this evening before it got dark! Sunny Friday was the taster but tonight has made me start to look forward to warm light evenings, Pimms and beer gardens. Oh my!

♥ Moving House... This could be both a difficult thing and a wonderful thing over the course of the next few weeks but I'm choosing to focus on the good at the moment. The packing is going well, or at least it's going, and I'm trying to get rid of the clothes I just don't wear anymore. We don't have a vast amount of space but it's amazing how much I've held onto and it feels really great to have managed to give a few bags of clothes and books to a local charity shop already. Besides, doesn't this mean I have the perfect excuse to go shopping when we're all moved in?! I've also been excitedly poring over furniture, particularly bookcases, and dreaming about one day being able to have all our books on display in one house (most of mine are still at my parents' house). My very own library, how wonderful that would be!

I hope you've all had wonderful weeks and your Wednesdays are fab! Short weeks, am I right?!

♥ If you're on the hunt for more joy, and frankly who isn't, check out the other happy bloggers who are making Wednesday just that bit more wonderful for all of us - Sally, Michelle, HelenKate and Jo 


  1. Oh yes yes yes to freckles. I HATED mine, ever since that kid that one time told me I looked like I'd been sunbathing under a teabag. It makes no sense, he wasn't a sharp kid, but still it hurt man. Life is so much better once you embrace the freckles, I bet yours are beautiful.

    I love that you've joined in with this, hope it made you as happy writing is as I have been reading it. Also, I think we might be new best friends - making friends with horses? Yes! And my house didn't really feel like home til we got the books out to line the walls, that was a goooood day!
    M x

    1. Cruel boy! It's funny how these stupid little comments you've heard growing up really stick with you. Freckly high fives all round :)

      Ahh I loved writing this post and I think it'll do me a world of good really looking for happy moments! Also good to discover new best friends from afar!

      C x

  2. Yesss long weekends are just the best. I do think they need to be more often, especially a whole 4 days! I just need to make it to May now until I get a good few weeks off! :)

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Not long to go until May - hope you've got some exciting plans!

  3. I love my frckles now, but I remember a time in primary school where the were singularly the worst thing ever! Although I have them year round, I always associate them with summer because they bloom over so many people's noses and cheeks in the sunshine. Nope, I must stop thinking about summer already!
    Lovely to have you on the wonderful wednesday crew.
    Have fab week
    Kate xx

    1. Thanks Kate :) I don't think you should stop thinking about summer already - lighter evenings and sunnier days, it's definitely on its way!
      C xx

  4. Lovely post, welcome to the Wonderful Wednesday gang! I shall look forward to reading your happy list each week. You are so right about lighter evenings, I completely failed to remember to put that one on my list too. Its's fab that there is the potential to do more after work and oh my I CANNOT wait for beer garden weather either.... x

    1. Thanks Jo, it's lovely to be part of it! Don't worry about forgetting to include the lighter evenings - you had a ton of perky points on your list! Hope you've had a fantastic week x

  5. Welcome to the Wonderful Wednesday gang Cat! SO SO pleased you are joining in ! Please excuse my mega late comment - my week just disappeared last week and actually reading everyones posts this afternoon is gearing me up for a new week tommorrow!

    What a lovely list! You really can;t beat that extra hour - the after work time just feels so much longer and often more productive - i had almost forgotten how much more energy i have at this time of year too!

    I too hated my freckkles - i only ever get them across my nose but still i tried everything to cover them up at school. Now i rather like them. Isn't it funny how much more you appreciate your natural self the older you get?

    Can't wait to read more from you - thank you so much for joining in! It's made my whole week!!!

    Sal z

    1. Bless, thank you Sally! It's such a lovely little group, I'm so happy to be part of it and I think you've brightened my outlook already :)

      I completely agree about appreciating your natural self the older you get. In fact, I feel so much happier with who I am completely. I think your 30s beat your 20s, hands down!

      C x


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