Wonderful Wednesday 02

6 April 2016

Love this quote. Found here.

I thought it might be the case that my posts for the next few weeks might just be a wave of Wonderful Wednesdays...it's packing packing packing at the moment  chez happygoluckyville and will be followed swiftly next week by unpacking unpacking unpacking at nouveau happygoluckyville. That's partly why I joined this happy little group, I wanted to make sure I'm looking for the positives when life itself is just that little bit stressful and also to make sure I keep posting and not just disappear! I'm finishing this off on Tuesday evening after a not great day and it's not so easy to focus on the happy but it is doing me a world of good.

Next week's post might be tricky - we're supposed to have a seamless transition with our Internet though...so here's hoping!

But that's a week ahead. Here are some of the things that have provided rosy moments over the last week:

♥ Walkers Shortbread! I picked some up in Norwich over the Easter weekend when I excitedly spotted some of the gluten free chocolate chip variety. We actually managed not to break into them immediately but saved them for the weekend as a post-packing treat and enjoyed them with lots of mugs of tea and a little bit of the below...

♥ Jonathan Creek marathons. Did you know that Netflix has all the old episodes of Jonathan Creek?! I know it's cheesy and looks surprisingly dated in places now but I find this series massively cosy and comforting. I've watched most of them so many times now that I know exactly what's going to happen but that in no way limits my enjoyment.

Found here
♥ Adam and Joe...more particularly the Adam and Joe 6 music podcasts. I have loved Adam and
Joe since I was in my teens and watching the Adam and Joe show felt like I'd stumbled across something grown up and naughty. Our packing over the last few days has been to a soundtrack of their old BBC 6 music podcasts, which have kept us laughing even though we've both heard them quite a few times before. There's a special magic when those two chaps get together and ramble on for an hour or so. I particularly love it when they both can't stop laughing and Adam's wheezing in the background. Adam has a new podcast where he chats with various different people, which is also great - there are a couple of episodes which are particularly worth listening too - Joe's, obviously, a brilliant one with Caitlin Moran and a couple of hilarious chats with Louis Theroux (the one about raiding a hotel buffet is stomach hurtingly-amazing).

Also, fact fans, I spotted an Adam and Joe DVD on husband's shelf when I first stayed over at his place (way back when) and I knew right then that he was a good'un...also a Spaced boxset. Good signs both.

♥ Homemade stew...my mister's homemade stew. I'm really lucky - I work a long day and my current commute adds a couple of hours to each end of that day but I come home each evening to dinner cooked by my mister. His chorizo and bean stew is one of my absolute favourites and that was bubbling away on the hob when I got home on Monday - I could smell it cooking as I walked up the stairs. He usually makes enough to last a few nights so it's probably a good thing I enjoy it so much. Seriously, a bowl of that with some rice on the side and I am happy happy happy on a chilly evening. Mmm!

♥ This tree...is it a magnolia? It's in the church yard near to my office and it's so beautiful. It's been
showing signs of blossoming over the last few weeks and now it's really starting to bloom. The blossoms and blue skies this lunchtime did help to lift my spirits. It's so important to just keep breathing, get some fresh air and take things one day at a time.

What have been your highlights this week? Do let me know in the comments or drop me a tweet - I'm @happygoluckycat.

♥ If you've enjoyed this post and are looking for more happiness at this mid-way point in the week, pay a visit to the other members of the Wonderful Wednesday gang - Sally, Michelle, Helen, Kate, Jo and Emma (who joined last week like me - yay!). How about joining in the fun too? Do let me know if you decide to and send me a link to your little dose of happy! 


  1. That's my favourite thing about the whole wonderful Wednesday thing-it forces you to stop and breathe and appreciate the good little bits amidst the dross of everyday life. Hope you have a much better day today and a good weeks packing (quite enjoyed the pre move purging of tat!)
    And keep laughing! I love a bit of Adam and Joe. This week I've been listening to old episodes of The Mighty Boosh, the radio show, so so great. A good chuckle helps everything.
    Merry Wednesday to you (and super good luck with the move)!
    M x

    1. Thank you! We're surrounded by so many boxes at the moment and it's still not all packed up...and we've got rid of loads of things! Ah well, we'll get it done!
      Good call on the Mighty Boosh episodes - might make that our next listen! x

  2. You were in Norwich? That's my part of the world. Let me know if you're ever around again.
    I completely love wonderful Wednesday for the fact that it makes me think of the good things even in the rubbishest of weeks. Plus I get read some new and lovely blogs with lots of positivity. I hope the house moving goes well and without too much stress.
    Yep, Magnolia tree. They always make me think of my Grandad.

    Hope the rest of your week perks up
    Kate xx

    1. Ahhh really?! My mother in law lives near Norwich so we sometimes pop there for the day - will definitely let you know next time we're planning a trip :) xx


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