Wonderful Wednesday 10

8 June 2016

This Wonderful Wednesday has been very much needed, I tell you. Coming back from holiday last week, even though it was just a short trip, made the two days back at work feel like a lifetime and this week...well, it feels interminable. I knew that would be the case, it's always the way after a holiday, but knowing that in advance doesn't make it any easier! I'm already excitedly looking forward to our next little trip but that's a while away so until then, I'm counting down the days to Friday.

And in the meantime, here are some highlights from the last week...

♥ More new furniture... I was exclaiming delightedly about our new bookcases and day bed to one of my dearest friends a few weeks ago, mentioning that next up on our list was a wardrobe and chest of drawers - yes, we are the type of people who choose book storage over clothes storage and I'm comfortable with that. She told me that she had a chest of drawers and dressing table that she was looking to get rid of, both perfectly good but she just doesn't need them anymore. So on Thursday, she drove over and dropped them off and it feels so great to be able to unpack some clothes! I'm also really excited to have a dressing table, which was quite low down on the list of priorities, something I thought I would love but wouldn't get for quite some time.

Ignore the shoe boxes in the corner...
♥ Spring cleaning...slightly belatedly. On Saturday morning I woke up (far too early) and after lying there feeling grumpy for a little while for dwelling on work on a Saturday morning, I decided to give the house a big clean. I even soaked the shower curtain in bleach! I was so proud of myself, the place looked great...although not for long as lobster soon found its way round most of the kitchen. Not by itself though, if you're thinking of an Annie Hall-type scene.

♥ Super fun Saturday... Ahhh my Saturday afternoon/evening was SO MUCH FUN. Our friend B came over with the above-mentioned lobsters and a few suggestions about what amazing dish we could make with them. (I say 'we', ho ho ho.) After a little deliberation, we decided that a Goan curry would be the perfect Saturday evening treat and popped to the supermarket to pick up the other ingredients we needed, together with some snacks and drinks. The afternoon was spent catching up, listening to music and laughing a whole lot, before the boys starting cooking. I was thoroughly spoiled and it was absolutely amazing. They paired it with a lemon pilau rice and we had some poppadoms too - in fact, my one contribution to the evening was making a cucumber raita.

B did say that he only did the above for a mention in this week's Wonderful Wednesday but hey, for a meal that good, I think it's a worthy exchange.

Another highlight of the evening was watching Quentin Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight', where during the introductory credits I mis-read 'Channing Tatum' as 'Stockard Channing'...and spent a very confused few hours waiting for Rizzo to pop up in a western. Oops.

♥ Sipping coffee in the garden... Sunday saw the welcome return of some sunny weather in London! (Perhaps I can't finally put my winter coat away for a few months?) I brewed some coffee that we'd brought back with us from Germany and brought it out into the garden, where I sat contentedly with my book....before retreating back inside to cool down.

♥ Sunday night baths... I was feeling a little stressed on Sunday so my mister ran me a lovely bubble bath and I soaked for a while, listening to Jessica Mitford on Desert Island Discs way back in 1977. There's something deliciously comforting about it and so funny - it's one of my go-to comfort listens. It really helped my shoulders to drop slightly before the new week began...that and lovely new bed sheets. The ultimate cosy.

♥ Gluten Free Hobnobs! Big news in the gluten free community this week as McVitie's announced that they've developed some gluten free hobnobs - both original and chocolatey! It's been an age since I had a hobnob and I'm so excited... They're due in the shops in early July so I shall be keeping my eyes peeled...

How has your week been, you lovely bunch?

♥ Do let me know what's made your week a little rosier by leaving me a comment below (I do love comments!) or dropping me a tweet (I'm @happygoluckycat) or better yet, why not join the fabulous bunch of #WonderfulWednesday bloggers? Pop over to their blogs for a dose of mid-week happiness - SallyMichelleHelenKateJo and Emma - and then join me in counting down the days until the weekend. It's in sight! 


  1. Returning from holidays is the WORST isn't it?! But it does sound like you've had a pretty lovely week afterall. I'm so glad London has had a little bit of sunshine - sorry if we've been hogging it all up north! It does make a change though - it's mostly raining up here!!!

    You can't beat a good Spring clean - and actually i often find i'm more productive at it when i'm in a grump!

    Have a lovely weekend xxxx

    1. Haha you northerners really have been hogging all the sun - it's been so chilly down here, while you've all been basking in tropical climes! xxx

  2. Some weeks you just need that boost and I always feel that come down after a holiday and getting back into routine.
    Eating (or drinking coffee) in the garden is one of my favourite things to do when the sun shines - although Ben likes to get way too involved and has started drinking out of our mugs!
    It looks like your little new somewhere is really starting to take shape. The furtiture looks lovely and a spring clean is just the ticket (I need to stop using that phrase, I sound like my Grandma).
    Have a fabulous end to your week my lovely and hope you can enjoy the sunshine xx

    1. I love that phrase and I think you're making it work :) Thanks for sending me the dungarees link, I'm really tempted... xx


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