Wonderful Wednesday 11

15 June 2016

This week is, thankfully, going by quite quickly. I say thankfully as I'm typing this on the train home from work having time recorded copious hours today, which also included a lunchtime webinar on tax. Apparently tax *does* have to be taxing....who am I kidding though, I enjoyed it! #IHTnerd

I'm usually far more organised with my Wonderful Wednesdays but this week it just was not to be, hence my frantically catching up with it on my commute home. Although, come to think of it, I normally post this really early in the morning and have the whole of Wednesday ahead of me, whereas now said day is practically already over and we're officially closer to the weekend! Boom, another Good Thing. I won't wibble on any longer though and simply share some of my highlights from the last 7 days...

♥ Brunching adventures... I'm not a lady who has regular brunching adventures. My Saturday mornings are incredibly precious to me and, frankly, I'm usually exhausted so they tend to involve me dragging myself into the kitchen and slowly coaxing myself back into life with copious cups of tea and Saturday Kitchen. But last Saturday I was up and in central London for 10am (!) where I met my very dear friend H for brunch at Beyond Bread in Fitzrovia. Beyond Bread is an entirely gluten free bakery and I'd read all sorts of wonderful things about Danish pastries, which I haven't tasted for quite a few years now.

I tell you folks, it was worth dragging myself out of bed for and grumbling my way into the shower. We both opted for the avocado on toast and, my word, the bread was like no gluten free bread I've tasted before. SO good. After keeping a nervous eye on the counter lest someone snaffle all the Danishes while I was eating, I then rushed up to the counter and chose a raspberry custard Danish to follow. It was worth the wait. I'm thinking about it now, I could eat AT LEAST another one right now. Gulp.

♥ Sunday roasts... It doesn't seem right to be having a roast at this time of year but the weather is so all over the place that it seemed perfectly appropriate this weekend. We cooked a roast chicken and it's the gift that keeps on giving - we've been eating it in various different ways all week so far and made a stock from the rest of it on Tuesday night, ready for the perfect risotto. I'm excitedly planning it already... As I write this, my mister is cooking a homemade curry with the final remnants of the chicken and once off the train, I shall be scurrying home excitedly.

♥ Post-rainy rambles... Sunday was so rainy and cooold down in London! In between the rain showers, the mister and I popped out to pick up the ingredients for our roast and on the way back I snapped a shot of this beautiful bloom that was covered in perfect tiny rain drops. It was quite difficult to capture because every time I raised my phone, the wind seemed to want to prevent me capturing the image as it would blow the branch back and forth. Got it though! Definitely worth the branch face to snap it.

♥ The soaring beauty of M83... About 800 years late to this party but this week I've discovered the amazing gorgeousness that is M83. I've been listening to 'Hurry Up, We're Dreaming' (specifically volume 2) on repeat for most of this past week and I'm transported to a happier place each time. It's particularly wonderful as I walk home though the park and makes trudging through the rain an almost magical experience. I am in no way exaggerating. Buy it, folks, and begin with the last track ('Outro') - turn up the volume and enjoy. In fact, if I can manage to get this YouTube link to work, have a listen:

You are SO welcome.

♥ Happy Valley... Or not so happy as it turns out. It's good though. Another party I'm hilariously late to but I've heard a lot of good things about this from various people and spotted it on Netflix so thought I'd give it a try. Two episodes in and I'm struggling to get my head around the lovely chap from War and Peace being such a scumbag. Sob! Has anyone else watched it?! 

It's almost Thursday, my lovelies! Hope your weeks are all going splendidly!

♥ Do let me know what's made your week a little rosier by leaving me a comment below (I do love comments!) or dropping me a tweet (I'm @happygoluckycat) or better yet, why not join the fabulous bunch of #WonderfulWednesday bloggers? Pop over to their blogs for a dose of mid-week happiness - SallyMichelleHelenKateJo and Emma - and then join me in counting down the days until the weekend. It's in sight! 

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