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5 February 2014

I really need a new work bag. My current bag is looking well-loved but, alas, not in a good's holding together but starting to fray a little at the edges and I'm really conscious of it looking slightly tatty. 

I've started looking for a new one and have bookmarked a few. I've been watching the new series of the Bletchley Circle over the last few weeks and I think that's subconsciously drawing me to every satchel within a 100 mile radius of my laptop.

It's got to be smart, large enough to fit A4-sized paperwork and go well with a suit. It would also be great if it didn't make me look about 15 years old, playing at being a grown-up. (Hmm maybe I should stay away from the satchels then?!) 

These are my favourites so far:

I absolutely adore Ollie & Nic's bags and this one is no exception! Well made, with gorgeous details (it has a leopard print lining!) but quite pricey at £70. They usually do good sales though and this would be worth waiting for.

This one is even pricier than the Ollie & Nic satchel but is definitely a more traditional work bag. It's lovely but unfortunately, my salary just won't stretch to £79 for a bag right now. Le sigh! Most of the reviews are very good...apart from the one saying that the buckle fell off after three months!

The most reasonably-priced of the three but I think I'll have to go and look at it in an actual shop to see if it looks too casual. There are only two reviews on the website at the moment - one saying it looked dirty, cheap and horrible, and the other saying it's fab and perfect for work. Very unhelpful!

The search continues... Please feel free to point me in the direction of anything you've seen that would suit!

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