2 February 2014

I've spent most of my spare time this weekend exploring a new blog and it's been absolute bliss. Am I alone in finding the discovery of a new blog a wonderfully exciting moment? Cup of tea in one hand, while scrolling back through all the posts...bookmarking places to visit, recipes to try, books to read and inspiring outfit choices. It's GREAT!

It also made me want to start a new blog myself... I lived abroad for four years after university and discovered Livejournal while I was out there. My blog recorded all the highs and lows of this experience (and the trials of moving back home again) and I love looking back on it now, as well as still enjoying the friendships made on Livejournal during this period. I've started a few other blogs since moving back but never really stuck with them. I think that's because I tried to focus on one particular topic and got bored after a while, always thinking "oh I should blog about that..." but never quite feeling like it.

So the moral of the story? It's time to write about whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like it - no pressure! I have a very busy job and I miss writing and being creative outside of it, so 2014's the year to bring this back.

Hello again internets, it's me, Cat :)

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  1. Howdy, Cat! :) I love blogging in a no-pressure way -- and those are always the blogs I love reading the most. Write about anything you feel like simply because you feel like it. Yay!


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