Hair woe.

24 April 2016

Should I?!
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I think we've only noticed one casualty from moving house over the last few weeks - an old red bobble hat. You might think that that means a move well-done but you would be very wrong! Let me take you back a few years...

Is anyone ever truly happy with their hair? Ever since I can remember having to tackle it myself, I've never been able to manage it! It's not straight all over, not curly all over, just both of those in places with an overall dose of frizzy. I suppose growing up I didn't take that into account and have had a wealth of ill-advised hairstyles - I went through a huge George from the Famous Five phase when I was about 12 and cropped it short like a boy, which was fine when it was short but then growing it out was a nightmare. It grew out in all directions, for what felt like an interminable age, and for some reason I thought pairing it with an elasticated alice band was a good look. It wasn't. I had the Rachel cut when that was THE haircut to have. Fab when styled by the hairdresser but without hair straighteners, it led to more huge hair days than I like to recall. I thank everything holy that Facebook and Instagram weren't around when I was a teenager.

Do not get me started on how lucky teenagers are nowadays to have hair straighteners. I remember getting my first pair at university and the hair possibilities were suddenly endless - I could have a smooth bob! (I've never been able to manage the same effect with a hair dryer.)

But even the hair straighteners are no match for my mortal enemy - rain. In fact, it doesn't even need to be raining, just the merest hint of damp in the air and my hair starts to frizz, my fringe in particular. It's a constant battle! I've tried lots of products in the past to try to stop that from happening but they range from doing nothing at all to giving me limp greasy locks, which somehow still frizz! The only thing that's worked has been covering it up with my trusty bobble hat on the way to and from work! If I tuck my fringe underneath, I'll get into work and shake it free, and feel like I'm ready to tackle my day.

Jess from New Girl...fringe inspiration.
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Now that the first part of my journey into work involves a walk through a park, which is lovely, but the morning dew goes straight to my roots, I've taken to clipping back my fringe over the course of the last week. I can't keep doing that though - I'm not me without my fringe! So yesterday, I ordered a new bobble hat. New house, new hat!

So come on folks, I'm appealing to your hair genius here! Is there anything you've found that works to repel hair frizz? Should I just stop being lazy and learn to master the hairdryer rather than relying on my straighteners and burning my hair every morning? Am I destined to wear a bobble hat every morning until retirement? Send me your tips!

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  1. I'm open to any miracle cure you might stumble across but so far, I've only got the hairdryer mastery in my arsenal (and I'm so lazy that I just grew my fringe out rather than having to do that everyday!)

    Good luck to you!! The new hat'll help no doubt!
    M x


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