Wonderful Wednesday 03

13 April 2016

Beautiful blossom on our new street.
I’m sitting here at the kitchen table in our new kitchen writing this week’s Wonderful Wednesday and I’m really feeling the wonderful now that we’re all moved in, it’s such a fantastic feeling! We don’t actually have Internet as I write this introduction (Sunday) but hopefully we’ll be connected before Wednesday as I continue to update this and to enable me to post it with ease.

Moving day went smoothly, although having to saw our bed in half was a low point. It was the only way to get the bed out of our flat though and, while my mister and brother went ahead with the removal van, my dad and I made a hasty visit to B&Q en route to the new flat. The combined expertise of my mister and my dad means our bed lives another day. Success!

So on that joyful note, here are some of the other things that have been making my heart sing over the course of the last week since we last spoke. Looking back over it, this week’s Wonderful Wednesday is sponsored by moving house, the ‘removal edit’, if you will.

♥ My family… My word, the family really pulled out all the stops to help us with the move. My dad came with us on the Friday for the check in, bringing lots of fragile items in the car with us.  He then came along bright and early on Saturday with my brother to help with the proper move, and we really couldn’t have done it all so quickly without them.  Dad also brought along his circular saw to help with bed-gate, which I’m sure the girls living above us weren’t so grateful for. Couldn’t have done it without them. The mister also had a little man-moment working alongside my dad, which brought back memories of helping his granddad. Good times all round.

♥ Tea… I love this any day of the week but it has really helped over the course of the last week. Feeling exhausted first thing in the morning? Tea. A little blue and anxious about leaving an area which you know really well, thoughts which always seem that little bit worse before you go to sleep? Tea.  Exhausted from carting boxes around? Tea, perhaps with a wee spoonful of sugar.  Waited in all day for BT only to discover that they were never planning to come? Have a cup of tea, you’ll be right soon enough. Perhaps a cheeky biscuit too – stem ginger is a good option.

♥ Random pieces of encouragement... Yesterday, the mister and I went back to our old flat for the final time to give it a last clean and to check out with the managing agent. If you've read my most recent post, you'll know that I'm struggling with some feelings of homesickness at the moment and just making the journey back on Tuesday made me have a bit of a bawl. I pulled myself together, we did everything we needed to do in the flat and we had a spot of lunch before heading back to the tube station, where I saw this quote written on the sign board. It was just so wonderfully apt, as if the world was giving me a little pat on the back and encouraging me to look forward rather than backwards.

♥ Schar’s gluten free brioche rolls… As a fairly recently diagnosed coeliac, there are a number of gluteny foods I miss and brioche is high up on that list. When the mister and I were on honeymoon in Sicily last year, they brought me a plate full of gluten-free goodies each morning at breakfast (top tip – Italy is ACE for people on a gluten free diet) and it’s where I first tried these brioche rolls. They are delicious little treats and I had one every morning with some Nutella (goodbye pre-wedding diet!) I spotted some in our local supermarket this week and fell upon them and have been re-living this part of my honeymoon breakfasts while having a few days off work this week – the only thing missing is an amazing caprese salad.

♥ A few days off work... Granted, these few days have been massively busy but my word, it has been lovely to have a few lie-ins, do some reading, go for a few walks and just potter. 

♥ Our new flat... Last but not least, our lovely new flat. I love doing the washing up at our new sink looking out at the garden, listening to the radio and feeling very peaceful. We have big plans for the spare room, which at the moment is full of boxes but it's fab to be able to move them out of sight for the time being! We're luxuriating in all the space right now and going back to the old place to check out made us wonder how we'd stayed there so long - and that was even seeing it empty! I'm so excited about all the new experiences we're going to have and memories we'll make in this new flat.

So those were the highlights from my week, what have been yours?

♥ I hope you've all had a wonderful week. Do let me know what's made your week a little rosier by leaving me a comment below (I do love comments!) or dropping me a tweet (I'm @happygoluckycat) or better yet, why not join the fabulous bunch of #WonderfulWednesday bloggers? Pop over to their blogs for a dose of mid-week happiness - Sally, Michelle, Helen, Kate, Jo, Emma and another Kate, who joined the group last week - and then join me in counting down the days until the weekend. It's in sight, folks! 


  1. Stem ginger biscuits are always a good idea!

    I am so happy that you are all moved in and loving it. I doubt there's a single move that goes without hitch and at least you'll have a bed in half story to tell.

    What a coincidence and how perfect was that quote at the station? I think life is all about being in the right place at the right time and with all that extra space and the universe (if not the train platform) tell you it's right, you've done good lady!

    p.s. I absolutely love the layout of your blog. It's a little bit different and I'm a sucker for a pattern.
    Kate xx

    1. Haha yes the bed moment makes for a great story...particularly as it has a happy ending!

      Ahh thank you for telling me you like the layout of my blog, I've been despairing of it for so long! It's just a free template from somewhere and I keep looking at all of the more professional-looking blogs and thinking it looks so mediocre in comparison. You've made me feel so much better! Thanks sweets :) xx

  2. Happy new house! Ah moving really takes it out of you - i remember when the Mr and I moved into our current pad - it felt never ending and we too couldn't have done without the help {and muscles} of various family members. Here's to you feeling even more settled in and at home soon.

    Oh and HELL yes to tea, tea and more tea. We grew up with my mum never calling tea, tea. It was always 'a cup fo magic' and she still calls it that now. It cured, helped and solved many a problem when were all growing up and i still use it that way now. PS stem ginger biscuits are a great choice - although i do condone a chocolate digestive on occasion.

    Happy mid-week lovely lady and thanks ever so much for joining in again xxxx

    1. Haha a cup of magic! I love that! You're totally changing my everyday vocabulary...it's all about morning rituals and cups of magic from now on!

      Thank you so much for having me in your wonderful happy little group - it's a pleasure to be a part of it! xxxx

  3. AAARGH! LOVED reading this. That little tube quote board is exactly what I need this week too. I'm moving as well! Right slap bang in the middle of it all. It's SUCH a random mix of emotions... I'm SO excited to move forward but my heart breaks every time I allow myself to think about the little flat I'm leaving behind. Hey ho... onwards and upwards. It really isn't the bricks and mortar its the memories that make the place and they are coming with me! x

    1. That's exactly exactly exactly how I've been feeling too! But I know that the positives completely outweigh the negatives, as they do for you. It's all about fresh exciting new starts! Hope your move continues to go well, lovely. May the tube quote be with you x

  4. Woo glad the moving has gone smoothly!! It can be such a stress but definitely worth it - plus a nice garden view is something I'm desperate for at the moment too. I've got a few days off work coming up and I'm very much looking forward to it!

    Jasmin Charlotte


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