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11 April 2016

Homesickness is a funny old thing, isn’t it? It kicked in for me on Saturday morning, before we’d even moved out and waves of it keep washing over me at sporadic moments. I feel stupid just thinking it, it’s not like we’ve moved far away…we’re still in London for goodness sake…but anyone who knows London will know how different each area is and it almost feels as if we’ve moved to an entirely new town.

We’ve known we needed a change from our old place for a while – it was tiny, for one thing, people often said that if a relationship could survive in such a small place, we’d be fine. I’ve talked about my commute being horrendous before but it really really was – almost two hours and four trains each way, I was exhausted all the time. It was a fantastic area but expensive – a bustling high street and lots of amazing bars, cafés and restaurants all just inviting you to spend lots of money.

Our new flat is closer to my office (my journey has magically decreased to about 35 minutes and only one train!), more spacious and in a more suburby area – lots of families around and really peaceful (no buses roaring past our window every few minutes). We want to spend more time at home and this place will let us do that, which is what we both want but my brain is just fighting that at the moment.  I don’t think it’s unnatural to miss somewhere you know really well and have lived for almost four years – it was our first little home together too.

But I really don’t want my first post in our new place to be all blue because I’m not at all, so I thought I’d share some of the things that I’m looking forward to doing in our new little home.

Yoga…well exercise generally
I used to go to a yoga class with my mum when I lived at home, then with a friend near our old place (until she put her back out – the teacher wasn’t great and this really put us both off!) I miss it. I don’t enjoy a lot of sports (yoga and swimming only really) but know that I need to do something and this is an exercise I can do in the sitting room without having to venture out and show the world how unfit I am.

Plan our wedding album
We’ll have been married a year in September and we still haven’t got together an album of our photographs! (Please tell me that that’s not unusual!) I spent hours poring over our photos when our photographer first sent them to us but then got really bored of our faces and put them away, after popping a favourite one in a frame in our bedroom. I don’t want them all over the house but I do want to put together an album to illustrate each moment of such an amazing day. I may be biased but our photographer was ace too and it would be a shame not to show off those images!

I know I’ve talked about this before – the wee garden was one of the things that most excited me about our new home. We have a few earthy patches and I’m going to turn one into a vegetable patch – I’m thinking beetroot, tomatoes, courgettes and perhaps some beans to begin with…

The garden itself is exciting too – after some early rain on Saturday,  the sun shone gloriously and we dragged some chairs outside to bask in it with a cup of tea and a biscuit, taking a break from moving the boxes around. It was blissful.

This is a new one, but something I’ve been thinking I’d like to try. I’ve tried knitting but never seem to be able to keep it up – is crochet a little easier?! To tell the truth, it was this post from Jo (one of the fab Wonderful Wednesday crew) that really kicked this little wish into more of a tangible aspiration. I love the idea of making one of these ‘patchwork-style’ blankets. Tips from keen crocheters would be gratefully received – is this something I’ll be able to pick up with the help of a few YouTube tutorials?

So yes, new home, new start. It’s exciting! Away, homesickness!


  1. Congrats on the move. It is perfectly fine to miss somewhere you'd called home for such a long time (and your first married home too!) I reckon a couple of weeks of that shorter commute though and you won't feel quite so blue about the whole thing.

    And yes to crochet, you can definitely pick it up with a few tutorials and it's so very satisfying. And making a patchwork style blanket is brilliant - the squares are so quick to rustle up.
    M x

    1. I'm a few days in to my new commute now and I already feel like a new person, it's great! :) x

  2. I'm SO behind on my blog reading this week... (due to my move) but just reading this post... Thank you SO much for the little mention Ah... I'm so happy I've inspired you. Crochet honestly is SO much better than knitting in every way! It is easier, it is more versatile and I think looks way better. I am self taught, well thats a lie, I'm YouTube taught. I always find that watching someone do it easier than trying to read about it. Try a granny square first, a traditional granny square, they are easy once you get the hang of holding the hook... and when you can do a granny square you can do anything, as you've mastered probably the most complicated stitches! Patchwork blankets are fab to do, cos you can make a square or couple fo squares a day and they build up. If I can be of any assistance, please do get in touch. Always happy to help a new crocheter! Best of luck! x

    1. Ahhh you're moving this week too?! I share the pain, it feels like everything's out of sync at the moment! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a detailed comment. It's good to hear that someone YouTube taught could make something so beautiful, I hope I can do the same in time! I'll definitely start with a granny square and let you know how I get on x


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